The potential damage is when a data centre goes down for whatsoever reason , its not only financial, it’s also the reputational of the company / product / service , so doing everything possible to avoid incidents is a worthwhile investment. Our Resilience approach brings a level of expertise that goes beyond standard engineering practices. Businesses have become increasingly reliant on technology, to the point where any downtime would have a catastrophic impact on their operations. At the same time, they are centralising their hardware from having an IT server located in every building to having one, or at most a handful of IT hubs, supporting their entire operations.

Our Service includes
  • Trouble shooting our power and cooling range of products
  • Repair and refubrishement our power and cooling range of products
Testing & Commissioning
  • T & C of UPS, STS , PDU , CCU , Chiller , FCUs as per the manufacturer standard
  • Onsite training